What You Get

Reaching a Best Weight means combining the right eating pattern with proven behaviour change strategies.

  • Strategies to manage food cravings based on cutting edge science

  • Course materials built by weight loss experts built on the best available research

  • Meal planning support that will get you to your Best Weight

  • Q&A sessions with a registered dietitian to make sure you are on the right track


  • How longs is the program?

    Our program is 12 lessons that give you all the information you need to get started - go through them at your pace, each membership lasts 6 months!

  • What if I need more support?

    We offer a 6 lesson BOOST program that helps take your learning to the next level. You can also book one-on-one appointments with us either in-person over over video chat or telephone!

  • Do I need any special equipment to take part?

    Not at all! All you'll need is a paper, pen, and a readiness to make changes

  • Does this diet use any special foods?

    Nope! Eat the food you have at home and can get from the grocery store. We believe lasting change means continuing what you are doing without any fad diet stuff life that!

  • Can I exercise on this program?

    You sure can. We will give you some support in building the motivation to do that too!


Ryan Stallard, RD, CBE

Best Weight ACTions

Learn how lasting weight loss can be reached through our scientifically focused behaviour change program

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    program is free with the purchase of an in-clinic treatment ( or $250.00 without any additional purchases)

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